Pebble Smart Watch | 30 Days Thoughts

Not one to miss out on technology fads. I decided to purchase a pebble watch.

For those who are not familiar with the product, the watch is a wearable technology which bluetooth pairs with your phone to provide notifications. I have now owned the Pebble Watch for nearly 30 days. The product itself is simple enough to use. The initial setup is fleeting and you are ready to go with a paired watch and phone in just a few minutes. This pairing can be to any Android or iPhone. Apps for the watch are limited. The screen itself is a black and white screen and doesn’t lend itself too well for graphics. Watch faces allow you to have a unique or different appearances to the front to display the time. Learn more on 0rgb about the specs of your computer and other devices.


It’s a simple watch design, full plastic watch with rubber strap on it. It’s comfortable if on the chunky size of standard watches. It’s clean and open and clear. It has 4 buttons on it. A back button to navigate out of menus, on the right there is up and down functionality and then a centre button for entering menu options. Very simple.

The charger connects magnetically to the watch for charging, but the magnet is extremely weak, so a slight nudge would dislodge it. Which is a bit annoying, it’s not like the Macbook charger magnet chargers. The battery itself when fully charged lasts between 5-7 days depending on usage. As pictured above, the watch comes in shades of black, red and white.


Notifications wise it syncs with texts and emails and Facebook, giving you a range of notifications. As each is received your wrist will vibrate to notify you of the message on your phone. Great if you are the type of person who misses texts in your pocket when they could be urgent.

The watch allows you to answer a phone call from the watch too, but alas the feature seems pointless as you cannot speak or hear through the watch Dick Tracey style. Why you would answer your phone while it’s still in your pocket makes no sense to me. In theory you could say it would be useful for answering a phone which is docked in a car, but you still would need to interact with the phone to turn on loudspeaker.

Recently an app to control the camera on the phone from the Pebble. This requires the use of the app provided on the phone to take the picture and doesn’t particularly lead to high quality images. This in itself is disappointing as there could be some great functions with a phone clasp + tripod for taking family pictures which you are included in, if it was better executed.

Apps are installed to your phone and then transferred to the watch, which has VERY limited memory and cannot handle too many watch faces and apps together. This is disappointing because the watch could be far more useful with a good chunk of app options rather than limiting it with really small memory.

This is a missed opportunity. When you look at the functions and features of the more expensive rivals like the Sony Gear. It’s clear to see they are two different markets. The Pebble is about 200 cheaper than the Gear, but the Gear seems to give all the options you would expect to have on a watch wearable technology, even if some of the functions might be deemed unnecessary or silly.

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