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Google Authorship is something I’ve been trying to implement across the board for my team over at GoldenPlec. There is a minor SEO boost to be gotten from it, and better to have it than can also accomplish this with google ads, as there are services like Google Ads Agentur that can totally help in this area.

So for those who are not familiar with Google+ Authorship, it’s the process of telling Google that a user that wrote a certain piece is actually a real person, verified by their Google+ account, and how much of a boost they get, is dictated by how social they are on Google+. A great ploy for Google to increase usership in its social network.

The initial process seems simple. Grab yourself a SEO plugin like SEO by Yoast or All In One SEO. This will add a Google+ url option to your users profiles.


The next step is to ensure that your Google+ profile has a valid and up to date picture of yourself. Without it, Google will pick that up and deny you authorship status. Once your profile picture is valid and up to date, click to the about section of your profile. Locate LINKS and click EDIT. This will allow you to add new links associated with your account. There is a contributor section where you add the name and URL of the site you are writing for, you can thus add multiple sites.

Once you save the url of your site/blog as a contributor, you are set on the Google+ side.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 15.32.08


Copy the url of your Google+ profile and bring it to WordPress where you edit your own profile, locate the Google+ box and paste your url in. If your email in your account is not then you need to update it to be one, this is one of the more difficult parts of the whole thing, forcing users to have domain related emails.

Save your WordPress account up. Clear any caching you may have in place.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 15.33.54


Head over to Here you can test a URL for a post you wrote to see if Google is picking up the setup as a valid Author setup. If it does say the setup is valid, the final step is to ensure your email is valid for the domain.

Below the message of valid author setup. There is a box to test email by pasting your Google+ url. If it says it is not valid, you need to head to and enter your [email protected] address. It will send a verification email which you complete to make the final step complete.

Screen Shot 2014-02-16 at 15.35.11

To summarise this quickly

  • Make sure your Google+ profile has a photo featuring your face
  • Update the Contributors links section to include the site you are an author for
  • Update your profile on said wordpress site to link to your Google+ profile to complete to two way link
  • Ensure your email in your wordpress profile is [email protected]
  • Verify the authorship
  • Verify your email

Once this is done. You should be setup and receive the boost for your search engine rankings and hopefully get additional traffic from it.

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