Eurovision Song Length | Never Knew

Eurovision 2014Today on the Rick O’Shea show I came across a fact I had never known in all my years watching Eurovision Song Contests.

The length of a song on the Eurovision cannot exceed 3 minutes. Despite having watched numerous Eurovision’s, it never felt to me that the songs were curbed in length. Song songs even felt a little long or drawn out, but amazingly, never more than 3 minutes. Even this years entries for the Eurosong 2014 are between 2:58 and 3:00. Precision musical writing.

This might not be a shocking fact, but it certainly is something I never knew existed in the rules.

Other rules for the Eurovision song contest include

  • No previously published songs can be used.
  • No song can be a cover
  • No song can sample any other artists work.
  • Only 6 performers are allowed on stage

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