Digging in – Keeping habits at bay

Today is 8 days without any fizzy drink. It’s a good solid start to a year of denying myself a meal-time companion. A source of sugar energy that has kept me running on many late nights.

It has been hard, I’ve been playing at my Darts Leagues and I would normally have had a coke or two on those nights, as Darts can sometimes go on quite late and fizzy drinks have played a large part in keeping me motoring until it was over. At work we get free drinks, most of these are fizzy drinks though there are a couple of exceptions like Orange Juice and some green tea’s. When what you’re giving up is so freely available, it’s hard to turn down temptation. I will have this for 5 days a week for the rest of the year. At home, having a can of coke or two with dinner has practically been ritual. It has been strange going for water.

One thing I’m noticing is a massive preference for fridge to ice cold water. Tap water just isn’t as nice tasting unless chilled. Apart from water, Tea has been an excellent alternative too. I always drank tea but now it’s become a key component of every day to break monotony of liquid type. While cordial concentrate can offer a bit of taste to water, I don’t particularly find myself a fan of drinking that too much.

At eight days in it’s hard to tell the major effects so far. I do feel far more lethargic over the last 8 days energy wise as the buzz-giving sugar has largely left my system. The effects however have been largely masked as I’ve been struggling with a now doctor diagnosed, Sinus-itus, Chest Infection and partial lung infection since New Years. Joy.

Tracking any weight loss will be interesting. Obviously nothing is going to have really occured in 8 days, but currently I’m sitting at 101kgs. The aim is getting down to at least 85kgs slowly.

On the exercise front I’m still unable to exercise but I will be seeing an ankle specialist Alan Laing in two weeks to try progress my non-healing ankle problems. Hopefully when this is resolved by whatever means necessary, I can begin to get some cardio back into my routine without hurting myself.

So 2015 has been a slow starter, but I’m hoping to have some noticeable effects of this change going forward.



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