My name is Aidan Cuffe. I’m a Dublin based web enthusiast who used to run a music website called as a hobby. I have passed the running of the site onwards to some colleagues who helped out massively over the years but I still maintain the servers and pay the bills.

I do enjoy a good beard, I’ve been sporting one for around a few years or so now, as itchy as they can get, I still enjoy being a bearded man.

The blog will now be a utility for me to output my thoughts and notions on some of the things I’m very passionate about. NFL and it’s Fantasy Football derivative, UFC news and thoughts after Fight Nights and Pay Per Views. When I trial new gadgets I’ll try review them and when I solve some server or coding problem with WordPress or other utilities I’ll blog solutions that I may have had to pin together from multiple sources.

Basically I’m going to try brain dump on my favourite things in a useful way. Feel free to reach out to me if you’d like me to cast some opinions on a particular topic.

Email : Goldenplec <at> Gmail <dot> Com