A Year Off Fizzy Drinks – Fizzyless Fifteen

If you’ve ever had a vice, you always say you can just quit. For some it’s cigarettes, for some it’s alcohol, for me it’s fizzy drinks. I’ve always had a sweet tooth and fizzy drinks, particularly Coca Cola have been something of a common theme throughout my life.

People have always said how bad they are for me. That’s something I always just ignored, largely qualified by saying, “I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, everyone is entitled one vice.”

One lent I was challenged to give up sweets and fizzy drinks for as many days as Jesus would have. As a particularly stubborn person, I did that, purely to prove a point. Cue Easter Sunday and I was ingesting as much sugar as a man can probably take without passing out.

These last few months I have been thinking back to that 5-6 weeks of giving up all that sugar and sweets. I got a multitude of compliments on weight lost and in particular around the waist, neck and face. At a recent wedding as I got fitted for a suit, I needed an 18.5″ neck to close the top button. The man in the suit-shop looked baffle. Neck sizes that size are normally for much larger men than me. The shirt was like a night-dress on me, but the button closed (and this was a “slim-fit” 18.5″ shirt). Since then I’ve been thinking that I’d like to get this down. I’d like to fit into shirts for a man my size. The finally get rid of the belly I’ve had for so long. Not get ripped, just slim down and feel less self-conscious in a shirt.

I don’t entirely blame sugar intake. I did something to my ankle which has made it next to impossible for me to exercise or play football like I used to for fitness, despite months of physio and an MRI. This has definitely played a part in a lazy version of myself over 2014.

That brings me to New Years Eve 2015. I’ve decided that I want to scale back my intake of something I feel contributes largely to weight gain. Back when I gave it up for lent I was actually in the midst of a similar injury to my knee which means I couldn’t exercise. Despite that, the drop in fizzy drinks and sugar actually led to a very nice drop in weight. Not too drastic, but definitively noticeable.

So this is my pledge to the internet, because enough people online will pull me up on this if I break it. 2015 will be a fizzy-drink free year.

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