5ive at Olympia Theatre, Dublin

5ive at The Olympia TheatreDublin on 13th of November 2013

We got J, A.B, Rich, Sean and Scott…. well we didn’t have J but we did have the other four. It’s a massive step forward from 2006 when 5ive tried to reform only for there to be a lack of interest from labels and ticket sales. Abz and Scott did shows around the UK and indeed Scott did a show in Dandelion singing the songs of 5ive on his own. It was a little bit depressing, and sad to see, but this is what one of the world’s most popular boy bands had devolved to.

Smash forward seven years and 5ive’s participation in The Big Reunion reignited a love in the hearts of Irish ladies with a nostalgic pang centred around the ’97 – ’01 timeframe.  Indeed this crowd tonight is 98% female and right from the off the shrill screams fill the Olympia’s cavernous insides.

Some reunions work and others look awkward and, as the four aged gentlemen took to the stage, the show looks bare, wrong-footed and nervous. We Will Rock Up, Slam Dunk Da Funk and It’s The Things You Do make up the opening salvo as the group move between dance routines and ballads. One positive of note is the use of a backing band as opposed backing track.

Got The Feeling’ is the first highlight of the night as the crowd loosen up and the dancing and performances relax too. They  find their voices for a sing and response on Don’t Wanna Let You Go and When The Lights Go Out. Nostalgia rains and the lads on stage are starting to get that boy band feeling again. Scott worms across the stage as the chart hits keep rolling. Rock The PartyLay All Your Lovin’ On MeLet’s Dance and Invincible hit home as the crowd starts to remember the dance moves and the band bounce around the stage in a manner that may keep their chiropractors in business.

This show probably shouldn’t be working. It started so awkward and un-assured but, as the night evolves, the crowd has dragged the ’90s youth out of the four on stage. Everybody Get Up, If You’re Getting Down and Get On Up complete the chart hit filled setlist as the crowd sing every rap, every chorus, every word.

This show worked and did so for two reasons. First of all, they kept the show to their chart hits, didn’t indulge in trying new tracks or album filler, they just played the hits. The crowd too, with their boundless enthusiasm, made this gig what it was and, if 5ive are lucky, they will meet as eager and enthusiastic a crowd on the rest their tour.

This wasn’t the most amazing pop show to visit Irish shores in recent times but, as ’90s pop goes, 5ive’s back catalogue of hit tracks is hard to match and impossible not to bounce and dance along to. Certainly those in attendance were not disappointed.

5ive at The Olympia Theatre Setlist

We Will Rock You
Slam Dunk Da Funk
It’s The Things You Do
Got The Feeling
Don’t Wanna Let You Go (sing response)
When The Lights Go Out
Closer to me
Rock The Party
Lay all your loving on me
Let’s Dance
Everybody Get Up
If You’re Getting Down
Get On Up

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